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Private Chain restaurant which located in Mid-western area of United States. The main dish of the Culvers restaurant is Butter burger.






The customer satisfaction survey is taken under the name of TellCulvers by survey team of Culver’s restaurant. The restaurant is available in 25 states with 710 outlets. Culver’s always offers very fresh and excellent food to visited customers.

Ways to connect with survey team of TellCulvers:

As a consumer of course you want to get a satisfactory service. But sometimes there is a moment that bothers you. So you need to report the incident so as not to happen again. Unfortunately you do not have a receipt.

So you are not able to give survey. You need not worry. Because Culver’s Restaurant provides customer service for you. So you can still comment without having to do a survey. Below are some ways you can use to deliver your opinion:

A letter to Culver’s Restaurant:

If you do not have a computer device, maybe this could be the solution for you. Culver’s Restaurant provides a mail delivery service. Thus you can write your comments as much as you want. But there are some disadvantages if you send a letter:

First, you cannot attach your emotions to the comment.

Then you have to pay for mailing.

Third, you do not know whether company reads your letter.

Fourth you have to go out to the post office.

Below is the address of Culver’s Restaurant: 1240 Water Street, Prairie du Sac, and WI 53578

Phone calls with customer service:

Do you have an urgent problem? If your problem is urgent, you can make a call to customer service. Then you can submit your questions or complaints to customer service. Then you will get a response or answer directly. So you do not have to wait to receive an answer from your comment.

Then you also do not need to go out to send mail. However, you should pay attention to customer service hours. They can serve you from Monday to Friday at 8 am to 5 pm. below is a customer service phone number:

Guest Relations Toll Free Phone: 833-224-7670

Support Center Phone: 608-643-7980

Social media:

Do you use social media? If you have social media, then you can connect with Culver’s Restaurant. Because Culver’s Restaurant provides some social media options.

They know if the use of social media is so popular now. So in addition to communication, social media also works for promotion. Furthermore you can also place a menu order using some of the social media available. Here are some social media of Culver’s restaurant: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

Essentials for TellCulvers:

Devices to enter in survey are as Laptop, computer or Smartphone with good internet connectivity.

Purchase receipt from Culvers.

Free time of maximum 10 minutes.

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By visiting the official homepage of TellCulvers survey, you can win free custard. The main objective of this survey is to collect all information, requirements, suggestions or ideas through the TellCulvers.

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