– Free Fish – Take Customer Survey :- Since the 1970s, many U.S. people have liked Long John Silver’s cooking. True to the famous fictional pirate’s hunger, Long John Silver’s offers seafood in nearly all of its varieties. We will particularly suggest Crispy Fish Sandwich and Baked Shrimp if you haven’t already checked those out! And if you’re unable to go out during these pandemic years, simply call them.  Your meals will be shipped to your doorway!

Was also aware of the fact that the largest issue with franchise restaurants is that customers believe the food is not up to par. You may enjoy a specific menu item at one stage, but it may not taste the same at another outlet. That’s not yet the case for Long John Silver’s, but when they’re looking to grow, they may face those challenges in the future. That’s why, their official reviews page, came up!

Long John Silver’s locations can be found in the United States, and they are also on the hunt for new locations. However, how will they improve if their clients are dissatisfied with the food offered at an existing location? And top management may remain unaware unless and unless you inform them. The simplest way to do that is by leaving reviews on their My Long John Silvers experience website.

You may either write an in-depth description of your experience on that website, or if you’re pressed for time, simply answer their multiple-choice questions! Long John Silver’s’ owners have retained expert experts to review the input and take appropriate steps. You should expect to be billed at the top of the hour, and, as handsomely as possible, when you answer all of the Silvers’ questions in the given time span of 5 to 10 minutes.

Why Do a Customer Satisfaction Survey at Long John Silvers:

In summary, what you get after completing the My Long John Silvers Feedback survey is as follows.

Your suggestions, whether positive or negative, would be considered by the company’s upper management.

After successfully completing the survey, you can get a free gift!

Long John Silver’s is the owner and operator of the website As a result, you will anticipate prompt evaluation and action on your input from the people who matter. The Long John Silvers survey webpage was developed over a period of several hours of intelligence and hard work. If you’ve arrived at the platform, you may quickly email your comments!

Furthermore, your reviews would help not only Long John Silver’s, but also you. You would likely see more of the outlet after your visit to the medical centre once you have fixed the issue Nonetheless, this represents just a portion of the organization’s current skills.  They are actively running promotions and giveaways for clients. They are now giving away free fish to all respondents to their poll, My Long John Silvers Experience. What else do you really like!

Earn Free Fish During My Long John Silvers Adventure:

You’re still curious now how to go about taking the Long John Silvers survey. You don’t want to spend your time providing inaccurate or meaningless reviews in exchange for nothing.

Survey Requirements

  • The sample is available only to lawful citizens in the United States.
  • Only individuals above the age of 18 are permitted to use their official website,
  • You should be fluent in one of the two languages mentioned above, as the survey is only accessible in these two.
  • To participate in the survey online, you must have a legitimate Long John Silver’s receipt (recent).
  • The receipt must include an invitation to participate in the Long John Silvers questionnaire in the form of a Store and Ticket Number.

Restriction on Surveys

  • If you have been to  Long John Silver’s but live outside the United States, you are not able to join.
  • The company’s officers, partners, and staff are not permitted to post their My Long John Silvers Experience on the platform. Their immediate relatives and associates would therefore be unable to attend.
  • The receipt you need to complete the survey should be given during the survey time. If the item is older than a few months, the computer may refuse it.

Instructions about How to Take the Survey

If you follow our instructions below, you would almost certainly receive the free prize!

  1. Simply type into the browser’s address bar, or select the page.
  2. When participating in the survey, you have the option to choose the language you’d like to use on the homepage.
  3. Then, press the Start button and access the shop and ticket numbers (found at the top of your receipt).
  4. You can expand and choose the next tab/choose the date and length of your stay.  If you’re unable to recall, consult your receipt.
  5. If the application is installed, the Long John Silvers website may begin collecting responses.The majority of the issues would pertain to cleanliness and employee conduct, however you may share any other suggestions in the input boxes.
  6. Finally, complete the survey and claim your complimentary gift (which must be redeemed within the specified time period)!

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Long John Silver’s information:

As you might be aware, Long John Silver’s specialises in fast food foods sourced directly from the sea and prepared in their own distinctive theme. LJS started in Louisville in 1969, but you might be shocked to hear that the first LJS opened in Kentucky in 1969. As a small neighbourhood restaurant at the time, it took just about 11 years for it to become a global sensation!

At the moment, almost 80% of Long John Silver’s locations are franchised, which means that the proprietors would be unaware of any issues in a given location until you, the client, speak up. Therefore, complete the survey at to get your voice heard and to receive a complimentary meal of their delectable tuna!

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